Faerie Winter: spoiler post

Ages and ages (and ages) ago, I promised a few folks a Faerie Winter spoiler discussion post, only it seemed too soon to post one … and then suddenly months and months (and months) had gone by, as they do.

So: this is a post for discussing Faerie Winter. Feel free to ask plot-spoiling (or other) questions, or just to chat about the book here! (Usually I stay out of discussions of my work online unless invited in, but this is a place where I’ll go ahead and respond.)

Comments will probably contain spoilers for both Faerie Winter and Bones of Faerie, so don’t read them if you don’t want that. (There won’t be spoilers for Faerie 3. Or for Thief Eyes, which has an existing spoiler post here.)

(Facebook folks, please come over to the livejournal discussion to comment!)

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