Woven from the lyrics of my Faerie 3 (Faerie Gifts?) music mix:

Summer move forward and stitch me the fabric of fall
If you want to make peace then you’ve got to find the pain
The road to love is littered by the bones of other ones
Except you, you were talking about the end of the world

When all the stars were falling, they fell from above
My ghost likes to travel so far in the unknown
And in the darkness something binds you to me
I wonder if we’re ever gonna get home tonight

Show me the river that leads to my home
Just remember that the wrong things aren’t supposed to last
They make no mention of the beauty of decay
‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

The river told me it would take me back to him
Oh no, be strong, walk on
You say it’s a tragic ending, I say it’s a new beginning
Plenty of ways to make a wrong right

There’s the wind and the rain and the mercy of the fallen
Footsteps heavy under the seeds I’ve come to sow
You turn away and you don’t look back
Magic’s fading and it’s time to move on


(The one song I couldn’t find recording, lyrics, or even 30-second sample of, for love or for money, is MadelynIris’ New Day. Guess I’d better hang close to that audio clip.) (ETA: And with many thanks to the artist, here’s a link to download New Day. :-))

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