“Love is not the easy thing / the only baggage you can bring / is all that you can’t leave behind”

So I reached a thing that needed to happen in my story yesterday.

Today, I realized, wait, we can’t get to that thing so easily. This second thing that we were going to get to later should be right here in front of us, blocking us from the first thing.

Then, wait, there’s a third thing that needs to go before the second thing if we want to get to the second thing so it can be in the way of the first thing.

But, wait, why is this overarching fourth thing over here, that lies behind all the other things, happening now?

Oh, because of fifth thing, that we did like 50 pages ago, that all of this is a consequence of after all, and that we need to rework to make that clear.

I feel like I’m running backwards, a bits of cliff collapsing beneath me as I go. Except it’s crumbling pretty neatly, and the crumbly bits are falling to the ground and waiting there, patiently, for me to pick them up, in their proper order, to rebuild the cliff again when I’m ready to walk forwards again.

Or something like that.

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