Around and about on the Internet

So even while I was away in Taos, I was also around and about on the Internet. (But diligently not posting about it, because I was writing, yay!)

The Arizona Daily Star interiewed me for their article on Tucson authors and our summer reading. lnhammer is in there, too. Because when you start asking me about reading and life, of course I talk about him, too. 🙂

Elizabeth O. Dulemba interviewed me about Faerie Winter. We talked about death, sequels, glamour, and shapeshifting. Only not in that order.

And Bones of Faerie is part of Justine Magazine‘s Summer Fling Contest, and The Violet Hour reviewed it, as well.

ETA: I’ve also been talking about Welcome to Bordertown, and keep forgetting to post links! Here’s me (with a whole bunch of other Bordertown writers) talking about the anthology to Kirkus, Underwords, and (today) Strange Horizons.

Back to work on the still-untitled Faerie 3! (Faerie Fire? Faerie Dust? Faerie TBA?)

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