Booklist on Faerie Winter: “Simner tells a more streamlined story this time around and keeps up the dark atmospherics of her high-appeal blend of unsettling speculative-fiction scenarios.”

And Voya: “The plot moves quickly and leaves the reader waiting for the sequel. While there are deeper symbols to be unearthed by careful readers, all readers will find something to enjoy.”

Some online takes on Faerie Winter:

Feathered Quill Book Reviews: “As good as the first, if not better, this author has done another wonderful job of telling a very creative – one-of-a-kind – story. The strength, courage, battle-scenes, undercurrent of romance – Ms. Simner has left absolutely nothing out of her amazing “faerie” stories and, frankly, there should be a Book III.”

The Fringe Magazine: “There’s such a subtlety in her writing and an effortlessness in the way everything is weaved together that you sink in and simply become immersed in it.”

More takes on Faerie Winter from A New Dawn, Confessions of a Book-a-Holic, Les Semaines, and S.A. Hunter.

Takes on Bones of Faerie from The Reading Stack and The Book Addict.

Thief Eyes is part of Random House’s new Bluefire paperback imprint.

I recently talked with Wendy Trakes at the MCLC library about social networking.

And I (along with several other writers) took time at the Tucson Book Festival to talk with Sandy the Zebra Striped Desk Ducky about proper etiquette for desk tchotkes living in writers’ offices. (Sandy may have a different take on the content of our discussion. But as I already told him, he’ll just have to get his own blog to talk about that.)

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