“Maybe being alone was the only way you could see a unicorn.”

Here’s a very cool thing. Some years ago I had a story called “Tearing Down the Unicorns” in Bruce Coville’s A Glory of Unicorns; it was also later reprinted in Cricket magazine. (It was one of several stories I wrote for Bruce Coville’s anthologies, all of which played a role in helping me realize that yes, I really did want to be writing for kids and teens.)

Last month, for her final senior project, illustrator Elizabeth DiFiore created a series of illustrations based on the story, which were interspersed with the story’s text at her final show. They’re a take on what the protagonist Stacey’s fiery unicorn-inspired dance might look like, and you can see them here at her Imagekind store. Elizabeth DiFiore was kind enough to send me prints of Dancing Fire and Like I’m Flying, and they’re even more lovely in person than in these pictures–so much joy in them.

So much fun, to see a story transformed! This has had me smiling all week. (And hey, since the artist has just graduated, there’s a good chance she’s available, should you need an illustrator. I look forward to seeing more of her work out in the world, myself!)

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