A huge thanks to everyone who showed up at Changing Hands in Phoenix and Barnes and Noble Eastside in Tucson for my Faerie Winter readings/signings. It was great seeing you all as the book made its way out into the world!

Thanks to Nadine’s Bakery in Tucson, there were cookies at both events (photos thanks to harvestar):

[cookie photos]

The biggest challenge, of course, was convincing attendees to break the cookies up and start eating them! Because an uneaten Nadine’s cookie would have been a sad thing indeed. 🙂

There were also sparkly stones for drawing out of a bag to discover what sort of magic those there would have after the War with Faerie. And I read from Faerie Winter‘s first couple chapters, and there were lots of great questions afterwards.

I have one more bookstore event scheduled, at Mysterious Galaxy’s birthday bash May 14. I’ll also be at LepreCon and Phoenix Comicon, and signed personalized books are still available from Antigone Books as well.

And otherwise … mostly I’ll be home working on Faerie 3!

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