Faerie Winter releases … next week!

Before I get to the review links, here’s something else I’ve been meaning to link to forever: CurryAlley’s Pull the Trigger. It’s about painful scenes in fiction, and being triggered, and why being triggered isn’t always a bad thing, but also about readers have the right to decide not to be triggered, and also, just a little bit, about Bones of Faerie.


Returned from Nebraska to realize that Faerie Winter (and the new Thief Eyes paperback) are due out in a week and a day. 🙂

I’ll be signing both books April 6 at Changing Hands in Tempe (7 p.m.) and April 9 at the Eastside Tucson Barnes and Noble (2 p.m.) Come join me!

Here are some early Faerie Winter takes:

Reader Girls: “Simner has crafted such a satisfying and full conclusion to her Bones of Faerie novel I’m still in Lizzy’s town as I write my review … Fans of Bones of Faerie will not be let down.”

Can’t Find a Bookmark: “The story is a brilliant mix of fantasy, love, and a dying world. Dark and gripping you’ll devour it in one sitting. I definitely did.”

Proud Book Nerd: “I thoroughly enjoyed delving back into the world After, and continuing on with Liza’s story.”

Kirkus: “It seems unlikely that her [Liza’s] powers will be sufficient to protect herself and the Afters accompanying her from the enemy at the gates, however, especially when she sees how powerful that enemy is. The discovery of old secrets helps set up for the next volume in this series. Oddly, Liza’s tale works despite the jumble of crowd-pleasing elements (post-apocalyptic dystopia, multigenerational faerie love stories, werewolf heartthrob).” (Full review already published, but not online for non-subscribers until pub date).

New readers are still finding Bones of Faerie, too, which makes me happy two years after pub date. 🙂 Here are some of their takes: Tea Mouse Book Reviews, Kids Book Review, Reading in the Bath, Curryalley, MarcyKate Connolly, Small Town Book Blog, Christi of Book Reader Addicts, and Hooked to Books.

Plus a few takes on Thief Eyes: Rose Green, Debbie Winkler, and Bookish in a Box.

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