“Mr C(lavius) F(rederick) Earbrass is, of course, the well-known novelist …”

“The first draft of TUH is more than half finished, and for some weeks its characters have been assuming a fitful and cloudy reality. Now, a minor one named Glassglue has materialized at the head of the stairs as his creator is about to go down to dinner. Mr Earbrass was aware of the peculiarly unpleasant nubs on his greatcoat, but not the blue-tinted spectacles. Glassglue is about to mutter something in a tone too low to be caught and, stepping sideways, vanish.”
–Edward Gorey, The Unstrung Harp (aka the truest book about writing ever)

That’s where I am, right now, except I’m in the third draft, not the first.

Edward Gorey understood the writing process, in all its many stages, better than anyone.

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