Spring and what comes after

Thank you, everyone who’s been posting your thoughts on whether spring will come. You all have so much faith (ultimately) in spring … and all your entries are making me smile. If you haven’t entered, you have the rest of February (however long February chooses to last) to do so. You can also wander over if you just want some good thoughts to hold against the winter cold.

As Faerie Winter wends its way out into the world (April 5!), I’ve been working on Faerie 3, and posting short snippets on facebook and twitter. (It’s a fun way to break the isolation of being alone with a book a little, and that others are enjoying them is a nice bonus. :-))

For those who aren’t there but like snippet-age (snippet-age?), here are the out-of-context bits I’ve posted there so far:


“He came to me in the rain, as the first maple leaves were surrendering their green.”

“What did it mean, to be known by a seed?”

“Her vine hissed and drew away, sprouting thorns as it did.”

“Later, when we were alone, we’d speak all our fears to one other.”

“What would make a seed cry?”

“‘Nothing human is ever simple,’ Karin said, but she did not deny the rest.”

“Often they would walk together through the forests of Faerie, summoner and speaker, she calling the things of that world to them, he listening to their voices and telling her what they said.”

“It’s not just some gushy love story. Of course it’s not. Because the summoner had a daughter, too.”

“We weren’t in Faerie. I carried no dead shadows. None of it had happened yet, and Matthew and I both knew that the things that hadn’t happened didn’t have to happen.”

“‘That’s the last time we let you two listen to stories with kissing in them,’ Allie declared.”

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