Am home, wondering who used up all the desert’s blue sky and warm air while I was gone. (Seriously! We have a high in the 40s expected tomorrow, and lows below freezing lined up for most of the week.)

New York and Vermont were lovely … from the bare-tree snowscape of upstate New York, which got coated with ice before we left (and the almost-five-year old who reminded me that ice storms are for playing in); to the steampunk tunnels of New York City, and the city above them, turned to a snow globe (as a stranger on the phone in Penn Station observed) by big fluffy flakes just as I was leaving; to more bare-tree snowscapes in Vermont, where snow, not ice, fell intermittently from the gray sky.

With many lovely meetings and conversations along the way.

(Also, there were rainbow cookies. Which seem to be a New York–or northeast?–thing, and which make me irrationally happy.)

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