Train magic

Been behind on blog updates as I travel (snowscapes and bare trees, ice coating snow, steampunk trains racing through tunnels, a city turned to a snow globe), but here’s something lovely: asakiyume and I waved to each other as my train from NYC to Vermont passed by.

It was about halfway through the journey. I was on the train, cell phone in hand. And first we were talking, and I was saying that I saw buildings, and trees, and we were wondering how close those trees were to the trees where she stood. Then she began hearing the train’s mournful whistle (I love that sound) as I heard it from on board, and a little while later I heard the train crossing bells through her phone. And then we put the phone down a moment to focus on looking for each other. And first there was only more snow and trees, and then there was a figure in a dark hooded coat waving, and I was waving back through the window, though it turned out I was impossible to see.

She was gone in a train-flash instant, and then we were both on the phone again, a little bit breathless.

A lovely, lovely bit of magic in the middle of my journey north.

And the fact that asakiyume and I both knew it was magic, and that it was worth doing, makes me want to meet her in person for more than an instant all the more.

I didn’t get any pictures, because the train really did flash by too quickly, but asakiyume did take a picture of the sunset winter forest once the train was gone.

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