Thinking about today’s writing

Dear Character I’ve Known From the Start and Character I’ve Only Recently Met,

I need you guys to save the world together. Can you do that for me?

Yes, you may save more than one world if you like. That would be fine.


P.S. Today would be nice. If you’re going to do it anyway and all.


Dear Character Whom I’m Carefully Not Giving Any Identifying Information,

No, that would be a spoiler, identifying info or not.

But you know the question. So just think about it, okay?




Dear All Characters,

Seriously, I need you to do things now. Okay?

Or do I need to send in some ancient spirit from the beginning of time to tell you what to do, all so we can make it seem like it was your idea all along in the next draft?

Yes. Yes, I can see that I do.


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