It’s the end of the world as we know it and … shiny!

So in last night’s dream, I had some sort of advance warning of the world-destroying event to come, though not of its nature. Sensibly, I was working on booking it out of the place where this event would happen, trying to put as much distance between me and it as possible.

Doing so seemed to require traveling on foot, and involved the climbing and descending of many staircases.

And in the way of dreams, I kept getting distracted. First by friends of my travel companions, who they decided also had to come along. Fair enough. (In a rather unheroic moment I tried to argue against this, and was told there was no room for debate.) Then by some sort of … I think it may have been a knitting contest. Whatever kind of contest it was, apparently it was so important we needed to hold it early, get it out of the way before the world ended.

The contest must have taken some time, because by the time it was over, the larger world knew about the coming apocalypse too, the mass panic I’d been hoping to avoid by fleeing early was about to ensue, and I was dearly hoping I wouldn’t have to wait around for the prizes for the contest’s winners to be knitted, too.

Post-apocalyptic survival fail.

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