“It’s a dangerous business … going out your door”

So there’s this thing. That happens in the current draft of the current book. That everything was pointing to, but that was breaking my heart, and I couldn’t tell whether wanting to undo it was a case of sentimentality or of it really not being right for the larger story. I was finding arguments both ways.

And then today I thought of a way to fix this thing–to save what went wrong, to undo it all after all.

But my reaction was not rejoicing in the thing that had been saved.

Instead it was, “Oh. Frack.

Because the price of the saving would be just as bad. Maybe worse.

Which also means it just may be right. Because–escalating tension, increasing stakes, etc. etc. Prices for the things we save.

Funny how we often don’t believe in the saving of things at all, unless there’s a price.

(wonders whether by cold light of morning this new thing will still be the right thing) (gives it better-than-even odds) (unless the whole book changes again next draft, and then all bets are off)

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