Four writers being smart about writing

David Lubar: “Write what you love, even if a little voice whispers, ‘That won’t sell.’ The voice is an idiot.”

Aprilynne Pike: “Take your very favorite novel that you have written. The one that made rejections hurt the worst because it’s the best thing you’ve ever written. Yes, that one. Now, commit to editing it for no less than six months. Don’t write anything new during this time. Edit that book for six months.”

Larry Hammer: “… origami is not a matter of knowing how to make the folds correctly, but how to correct them … which sounds a lot like I’m talking about writing and revision.”

Delia Sherman: “It (where ‘it’ is getting sentences to make sense and say things you want them to which make the story move forward–let’s call it ‘flow’) hasn’t flown the coop. It’s just become subsumed in your uncertainly about What Happens Next. This is a pain, a dark night of the soul, and the moment that ultimately divides Writers Who Will Finish A Novel from Writers Who Won’t. You just have to figure out how to get through it.”

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