Sales, reviews, interviews, etc.

I’m thrilled that as of December 1, Bones of Faerie is available from Random House Australia! (Meaning it’s available in Australia right now, even if there are a few hours of November left here in the western U.S.) Yay!

I was one of several authors talking with Michelle Knusden about writing sequels at Through the Tollbooth (thru-the-booth) a couple weeks ago: Part 1 (focused on Knudsen’s own experience writing sequels); Part 2 (the first half of her interview with the rest of us); Part 3 (second half of the interview).

Thief Eyes was on the October 1 bestseller list for Tucson indie Antigone Books. (Okay, so maybe it has been a while since my last update!

Various takes on Thief Eyes from Rush-That-Speaks, Marissa Lingen, Fantasy Literature, Michael M. Jones, What’s Carol Reading, Kiss the Book, and TeenRC.

The first couple Australian blogger reviews of Bones of Faerie from i read therefore i am and Tez Says.

Other various and varied takes on Bones of Faerie from Marissa Lingen, A Myriad of Books, Read-A-Holic, Books by Their Story, Blonde’s Blog, In the Next Room, Crazy Book Gal, and What’s Your Story?

And finally, an early review of Welcome to Bordertown from Sleeping Hedgehog!

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