Faerie Winter ARC contest

The contest is now closed! I’ll make a decision in the next few days. You haven’t made it easy for me, so thank you for that–and for entering! It’s been a lot of fun reading all your entries.

I have an extra ARC of Faerie Winter this time around (guaranteed to include all the sentences you asked for, and a few others besides). I’d give everyone who’s been hanging out with me here a copy if I could, but since I can’t (because my publisher wisely sends most of their ARCs to people who unlike me haven’t read the book yet) … I thought we could have some fun instead.

So–a contest!

In Faerie Winter, several minor characters from Bones of Faerie get to spend more time on stage, and one in particular turns from a very minor character into a very major one.

Tell me (in a comment to this post, though you can also share it elsewhere if you’d like) which minor Bones of Faerie character you would nominate for an expanded role in its sequel, and why–what you think they’d bring to the story, or why you’d like to see them there, or any other reason you can think of. Make your case for why this character needs more time on stage. Convince me.

I’ll choose the most convincing (not necessarily accurate, just convincing!) entry to receive an ARC of Faerie Winter.

Deadline: Sunday, November 21, midnight mountain standard time. CLOSED

Who is and isn’t a minor character is left open to reader interpretation, but if you try to make a case for Matthew, Allie, Tara, Ian, Caleb, or Karin, I’m likely to be a little bit skeptical. 🙂 The character can be named or unnamed, have a speaking part or not, appear as a passing mention or in real scenes with real lines.

Here’s a flap-copy summary of Faerie Winter. (Contains spoilers for Bones of Faerie. As does this entire contest.)

Anyone who’s already read Faerie Winter isn’t eligible. And if you’re going to be someplace I’ll be reading from the book, you’re on the honor system to enter before then. FB and jacketflap users, please post entries over on the livejournal entry.

And that’s it. Have fun!

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