Things learned at this weekend’s author photo shoot

Lessons learned from taking author photographs (with the most excellent Lynne Glazer out at dancinghorse‘s Dancing Horse Farm): while most of us can come across well enough in a wide array of clothing when interacting out in the world, it’s harder to fake who we really are for a camera.

Which means some people photograph fabulously in silks and dress clothes, and those clothes bring out all manner of beauty in them.

But for others of us, photographing well means setting silk and dress clothes aside, and switching to more casual jeans and flannel instead.

An interesting bit of self-knowledge, that.

Because, you know? If you’re not wholly comfortable in your own skin–whether or not you even consciously realize it–the camera picks that up and magnifies it right back at you.

(And now I wait for the proofs, to confirm whether my perception of said photos and what worked best matches the reality of same.)

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