Linky catchup

Mo Willems on the end of Knuffle Bunny: “I think the turning point was realizing this was the last book. That sort of drove it in the sense that I wanted to get a sense of completion. I had to throw Moriarty off the cliff.” (Of course, while Moriarty died, Sherlock Holmes came back in the end …)

karenhealey on Christchurch and cities of the heart.

A note to young immigrants from Mitali Perkins.

carriejones on why we write (it isn’t about the awards or recognition)

Writer Beware on the myth of the evil editor, and also on the myth that getting published is nothing but a sort of random dumb luck

Kim Wright on writerly envy.

tammypierce on why she writes girl heroes: “A study done on picture books recently pointed out that the majority of human characters in those books were men, shown doing active work, while women were shown in domestic settings, doing nurturing tasks. Not operating steam shovels. Not jumping into skies full of clouds to find where they are made …” and “… It’s fine that people write guy heroes. But please don’t knock those of us who know that being a girl, and a woman, is a lifelong fight, on the shelves and off. This debate comes up every ten years or so in publishing circles, and that it’s important not to work on the guys at the expense of the girls. Both need heroes, and both need books.”

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