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Over on Eve’s Fan Garden I’m blogging about strong female characters today, along with nearly a dozen other writers: Cheryl Renee Herbsman, Christine Johnson, Sherri Browning Erwin, Lorie Ann Grover, Elizabeth Eulberg, Beth Fantaskey, Gayle Forman, Sydney Salter, Holly Cupala, and Heidi R. Kling. Come join us!

The Boston Globe asks “Are Vikings the New Vampires?” and gives a shout-out to Thief Eyes.

Thief Eyes is a July ALAN pick! “This book will keep readers turning pages as the two teens face dangers, test their own courage and stamina, and learn that things aren’t always simply right or wrong. The story is compelling from the start … a fast read that will have teens reading into the night to finish it quickly.”

Want to win a copy of Thief Eyes? I chatted about the book over at Fragments of Life this week, and they have three copies to give away.

I recently applied the Page 69 Test to the book, and found it surprisingly representative of the larger story.

Cynthia Ward at Fantasy Magazine also reviewed Thief Eyes this week: “Simner brings the remote, quake-racked island vividly to life (perhaps too vividly, if you hate earthquakes, or the sensation of rain sliding inside your collar). She inhabits her Iceland with complex, sympathetic characters who pay steep costs for the actions of others and themselves. She skillfully blends ancient Icelandic legend (specifically, Njal’s Saga) and Scandinavian myth with the modern world.”

More takes on Thief Eyes Charlotte’s Library (a thoughtful mixed review from a blogger who’s spent time in Iceland), EMS Media Center, Crazy Book Gal, and Bibliovorous.

Various takes on Bones of Faerie from Aurora Reviews, Mei’s Reviews, Books and Sunhi, One Literature Nut, and Book Mosaic.

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