Thief Eyes outtake

As often happens during the revision process, there were sections of Thief Eyes that wound up on the cutting room floor when we sent the final book into production. The scene between Haley and Ari below is one of them–I liked it lots, but ultimately it didn’t serve the larger story, and it did slow the pacing down, as I realized when the scene came out so cleanly I couldn’t tell it’d been there.

Had it stayed in the book, it would have taken place as Haley and Ari head from the gas station in Hólmavík down to the harbor. (On page 191, to be exact.)

I’m still fond of it, and I still think I was right to cut it. 🙂

*** Spoilers ahead ***

“That’s it for my money,” he said. “After this we’ll have no choice but to take up a life of crime. Unless you happen to be independently wealthy?”

“As a faculty brat?”

“Ah, well. That’s my problem, too.” Ari helped me fit everything into the backpack, which was getting pretty full. “We’ll just have to move to Moscow and begin new lives there.”

I shouldered the pack. “Why Moscow?”

“Why not Moscow? You ever been to Russia before? If we have to be invisible, we may as well see the world, right?”

I laughed. We’ll manage, I thought, as we made our way across the parking lot. Somehow we’ll manage. “Can we at least visit Paris first?”

“Sure. I always wanted to climb the Eiffel tower. Now no one can stop us, right?”

“They’d probably see us,” I said. “Once we left Iceland.” But we kept planning our invisible around-the-world trip as we walked down to the harbor to wait for the sun to set. I’d run the length of the Great Wall of China; Ari would sing in the ruins of the Acropolis; we’d visit the wombats in Australia and go on month-long safaris and sneak onto Hollywood movie sets. We were both laughing by the time we reached the water.

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