Thank an Arizona bookseller for opposing SB1070

With SB1070, Arizona’s new immigration law, set to take effect the end of this month (and with reports of residents being unjustly detained even before this has happened), a group of local businesses have launched the We Mean Business campaign to oppose the law. These are companies who have the courage to put signs stating their opposition in their windows, to publicly state their opposition and risk losing some local business from within the state even in the face of the stresses of an economic boycott from without. If you’re local, you know many of these businesses already. They’re all worth supporting. (Only know that the owner of Brooklyn Pizza has since withdrawn from the campaign.)

For those of you who don’t live here, though, there’s something you can do, too. Because one of the participants is our local indie bookstore, Antigone Books. Antigone Books is part of Indie Bound. Like many bookstores, they’ll order anything they don’t have in stock, and they’ll ship books to non-locals.

So the next time you order books online, why not order from Antigone? And when you do, include a note thanking them for opposing SB1070.

Please do spread the word. It’d be lovely if this independent bookstore that’s so much a part of our community could see that others have noticed not everyone in Arizona supports this unjust law, and that we all appreciate their willingness to fight it.

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