(locked until we return)

So after weeks of pondering the physical border an hour to the south of me, and of working on a story set near the Border between the World and the Realm as well, last night I got off of our plane in Basel and realized I was crossing a border here, too. I knew that, of course, but I hadn’t really linked this border to those other borders in my mind until I stood in line, passport in hand, awaiting permission to enter the country.

I’m not from the EU, so I went for the slower line, got scrutinized a bit harder–the first border checkpoint I’ve been at in more than a year where I got more than a cursory glance. But in the end the stamped my passport and let me through, and I emerged into this city of gray skies and gray stone and bright shutters.

When I’ve crossed the border into Mexico, I’ve always been struck by how alike the two sides of that desert landscape look, like they aren’t really different lands at all.

This airplane crossing across ocean and continents is another thing, though. There was no doubting, when I stepped out into that cool gray air, leaving hot blue desert skies behind, that a border had been crossed indeed.

Off spending the next couple weeks exploring this non-desert environment, and taking a much needed writing break as well.

See you in a few!

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