Character songs

As I procrastinate settle deeper into the current story, I’ve been thinking about how I come to associate songs I listen to obsessively more and more strongly with various characters as a book progresses, even when I know those characters have nothing to do with the lyrics’ original intentions.


For Haley:

How did we loose this great wrath?
Everything burns in our path
The balance we broke
Left us running through smoke
You’re at the blue light of the flame …
Out beyond rescue
Somebody let you
Look into the blue light of the flame

– Dar Williams, “Blue Light of the Flame”


For Liza:

I made my nest of buried things
And the roots ran like secrets
Through six year rings
I found that secret places were better places
Nicer places that villains could not find
I do not lie
These places are mine
Now I lean and bend
To where I begin and end
I am here and this is mine

– Lucy Kaplansky, “This is Mine”


For Tara:

Hey love
That’s the name we’ve long held back
From the core of truth
So don’t turn away now
I am turning in revolution
These are the scars that silence carved
On me

– Vienna Teng, “Gravity”


For Elin (who most of you don’t know yet, but who has been much in my thoughts this revision):

And you’re gonna get down on your knees
And grow accustomed to the darkness
And see what you’re supposed to see
Head up straight
I know what I’m doing
Head up straight
I know what I’m doing

– Charlotte Martin, “Four Walls”


(Most of those songs aren’t online in any decent-quality-yet-probably-legal form, but I can watch and rewatch the official video for “Gravity” all day.)

What are your favorite character songs, either for your own characters or characters you’ve read and loved? (Or read and hated, or read and loved and hated?)

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