Monday morning linky

Department of This Photo Just Makes Me Happy: Climb

Department of Who Says Words Don’t Have Power: Susan Taylor Brown wrote a month’s worth of poems about the father she never knew, and got to know the rest of his family as a result.

Department of Kids These Days: Teachers Bemoan Thrilling Books and Cinema … in 1932. (via.)

Department of Things I Wish More People Realized: Violence is not, in fact, up in U.S. border towns

Department of Useful Things for Writers: dancinghorse on things horse people take for granted, Department of Also Useful for Writers: cindachima on how it’s never too late to start writing, and Jess Hartley on Three Reasons to Self Publish and One Big Reason Not To.

Department of Social Networking Linky: planetalyx on whether it’s possible to self-promote too much and too soon, Jane Friedman on whether to create a facebook fan page and Rosemary Kirstein on Thirteen Ways of Looking at Facebook.

And some videos:

How Not to Write About Africa (via.)

A pretty good explanation of the Bechdel test for movies (via.)

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