Evolution of another secondary character

These are the letters I wrote to Muninn while working on Thief Eyes, though he wasn’t originally Muninn, but a girl named Hugrún who was sort of Ari’s girlfriend. (Have I mentioned lately that my stories tend to change a lot from first draft to last?)

I’m undecided about whether this needs a very mild spoiler warning. Proceed at your own risk, and all that. 🙂

I’ve also posted my letters to Ari and Haley. (Ari’s letters are also mildly spoilery in context.)


May 22, 2007

Dear Secondary Character Who Isn’t Supposed to Exist,

Who are you and where have you taken my protagonist?

I don’t suppose you’d care to help me get her back again? Seeing as how this is all your fault?

No, it’s entirely up to you, of course. Just keep in mind that this is an extremely rough draft. And that everything changes in rewrite. And that in a few months you just might cease to exist.

I’m just saying.


August 17, 2007

Dear Secondary Character Who Wasn’t Supposed to Exist,

Hah! You’re a bird now! Serves you right.

Okay, a really powerful bird who’s probably been around since the world’s beginning. But I’ll take what I can get.




October 3, 2008

Dear Secondary Character Who Was Once a Girl, and Was Then a Girl Who Turned Into a Bird, and Is Now Just a Bird,

I’m afraid you’re going to have to be a boy bird now. Sorry about that.

Blame etymology and the many critiquers who kept assuming you were a boy anyway. I could have ignored one or the other, but not both these things together.

Maybe if you’d worn a pink ribbon or two it would have been clearer?

Too late now,


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