Somewhere, there’s a poem on “Thirteen Ways of Looking at an Island Mountain Glacier Volcano” …

… and these are two of its verses:

“Compared to the last eruption, this one is spooky, unpredictable and not tourist friendly.”

“The heart of our island is pulsing, throbs exposed for all to see … And we’re to let our own hearts beat in time.”



– I’m still checking in regularly at the Eyjafjallajökull web cam. Which is slow, because I’m not exactly the only one doing so, but I do it anyway.

Lightning in ash cloud. I don’t even remember where that one came from.

– A picture of the Markfljót behaving, for now, along with photos of the ash cloud and the land around it, also from Reykjavík Harbor. This one looks particularly, quietly apocalyptic.

Aurora, stars, volcano.

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