Evolution of a secondary character

This is Ari, who hasn’t changed as dramatically as Haley has, perhaps, but who has undergone some transformations of his own over Thief Eyes’ many drafts. Contains some mild spoilers, so stop here to avoid same.


May 5, 2007

Dear Secondary Character Whose Name I Don’t Know,

You may not change into a wolf. I’m serious here.

We already have a missing mother in this book. If we have a wolf too, I may as well just give up and rewrite Bones of Faerie, and where would you be then?

Yes. Yes, you may change into something else. That would be fine.


August 17, 2007

Dear Secondary Character Who Is Supposed to Exist,

Hey, nice delivery of that revelation a couple chapters back.

You’re going to suffer for it quite a bit, but please don’t take that personally. I really was impressed.




February 14, 2008

Dear Secondary Character I’m Really Quite Fond Of,

Awwww, it isn’t your fault. Really.

She won’t think less of you for it, I promise.




April 28, 2008

Dear Secondary Character Who’s Shaping Up Nicely,

Cool: trying to strike a bargain by offering to recite your poetry.

Not-so-cool: Falling silent and expecting me to write the poem in question.

I’m not a poet. If you are, the least you could do is help me out here.



June 17, 2008

Dear Secondary Character Who’s Admittedly Been Awfully Quiet Lately,

What a fascinating revelation. Could add all sorts of interesting tensions to the story. I only have one small question.

Is there a reason you waited until nearly the end of the third draft to tell me this?

Just wondering,


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