More bullying story links

Yesterday I posted my bullying story. Others have been doing the same–here are some of their links:

– Carrie Jones: Bullying and me
– Carrie Jones: Phoebe Prince, authors, Em, and bullying
– Saundra Mitchell: There’s a light
– Jeannine Garsee: More than just “bullying”
– S.A. Putnam: My story – part one
– S.A. Putnam: My story – part two
– Aubrey @ My Pile of Books: Young adult authors against bullying
– Erin Dionne: For Phoebe Prince
– Audry Taylor: The hidden bully
– Kerry Madden: Bullies …”
– Miriam S. Forster: On bullying and being alone

Thank you, all, for sharing your stories, for hanging in there, for making being here on the other side and talking about it.

Here’s one more link: to the group that began this, YA Authors Against Bullying.

If anyone knows of other links I’ve missed, let me know, and I’ll add them.

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