Sagafic/sagacraft contest

As those who’ve been hanging out here during my Thief Eyes writing journey know, this book is ultimately a work of Icelandic saga fanfic, inspired by Njal’s Saga, which caught my attention from the very first page, when Hrútur, asked to comment on the beauty of his niece Hallgerður, responds with words to the effect of, “Yes the girl is beautiful, and men enough will suffer for her, but I do not know how the eyes of a thief have come into our family.”

So, with Thief Eyes due out the end of this month, it seemed appropriate to hold a saga-inspired fanfic contest. 🙂

At one point during Thief Eyes, the protagonist, Haley, finds herself trapped in a place where the echoes of Iceland’s sagas and history whisper around her. She hears Hrútur’s words, and she hears whispers out of other Icelandic sagas as well. These are some of the other things she hears:

  • “Three shells in return for my poem.”
  • “I have spun twelve ells of wool. You have killed a man. A fine morning’s work for us both.”
  • “I already must grieve for my brother. Is it not enough for you that I set a bowl of porridge before his killer?”
  • “My father gone, my brother gone, only this price upon my head remains.”
  • “Take me abroad with you, for it is not Iceland that I love.”
  • “Though I loved him best, I treated him worst.”

So here’s the contest:

Using one of the above lines as a prompt, write a fic of up to 1000 words or so. Alternately, write any other word-based thing of up to 1000 words, or create a drawing/art/craft thing if your imaginings run in non-word-based directions.

Your fic (or other creation) need not be based on or related to the sagas, so long as it’s inspired by one of the above prompts–though of course if you have read the sagas, you’re welcome to use them.

If you have a blog, post the results there with a link back to this page, and drop a comment here linking to your blog post in turn. If you don’t have a blog, post the results as a comment here instead. (Facebook and jacketflap users, please come over to the original livejournal post to comment to be sure I don’t miss you.)

Deadline is April 18, midnight of whatever time zone you’re in. Spread the word!

I’ll chose two of my favorites to win a copy of Thief Eyes. (I keep wanting to say here, “The entries I love best will not be treated worst.” :-))

Assuming I have my author copies in hand by then, I’ll do my best to get copies to the winners on or before Thief Eyes’ April 27 release date. If you’ve already received a copy of Thief Eyes, I won’t send you another, but you’re still encouraged to create something for the fun of it.

Have fun! I look forward to seeing what some of these lines that have been echoing through my brain the past few years transform into when they have a chance to echo through yours. 🙂

ETA: The contest is now closed, but I’m leaving the prompts up. Feel free to still play with them–and let me know if you do!

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