Book festival and a review

The second year of the Tucson Festival of Books was once again much fun–and huge and exhausting and filled with much good conversation.

(Waves to everyone I waved to there) Thanks to everyone who showed up for my Thief Eyes reading, the panel I was on, and my signings, and especially to everyone who walked up just to tell me they’d enjoyed Bones of Faerie. (I can never tell if I really manage to convey just how delighted I am every time this happens. Really, it’s the sort of thing that can make a writer’s entire day.)

Meanwhile, this is from Kirkus’ review of Thief Eyes today (will link to the full version–which is a little bit spoilery–once I find it online):

“Simner’s second book, a fantasy set in modern times but rooted in ancient Icelandic sagas, has great reader appeal. The plot is compelling–a page-turner … The climax is a humdinger, and while the resolution is bittersweet, it makes sense and is consistent with the magical rules of the book. There’s some innocent romance to pique reader interest, while dark magic will attract readers who enjoy touches of Norse mythology in their fantasy reading.”

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