Tattúínárdœla saga

This. Is Awesome: Tattúínárdœla saga: If Star Wars Were an Icelandic Saga.

Víga-Óbívan commends Leia to the care of a local goði and Lúkr to a man whom he believes to be Anakinn’s brother, but who is probably a disguised Óðinn. Déor speaks of the son of “Anacan” as having been raised by “Owen,” which may suggest that this interpretation is correct, but if this is in fact the name of the god, it is unclear why the form should lack the initial glide of Anglo-Saxon (unless this part of the story originated in the Danelaw; for full discussion of this and other problems of the text in Deor see Nashat 2010).


Back in Tattúínárdalr, Paðéma gives birth to twins, Lúkr and Leia, before dying from her grief at having betrayed her husband. One of the most memorable lines in the saga is given to her on her deathbed: Þá mælti Paðéma: “Þeim var ek verst er ek unna mest.” (Then Padmé said: “I was worst to the man that I loved most.”)

And in, just, all matter of other geeky ways.

(Ari? From Thief Eyes? Would love this.)

(Via nolly, who made me very happy with it.)

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