“Break it down again …”

Dear Story,

I know! How about we change POVs and tell an entirely different story set at an entirely different time?

What? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Besides, I never delete anything. We can always change things back later.

(But we won’t.)



Dear Character I’ve Been Assuming Was Way Too Powerful to be a POV,

Maybe I just need to throw bigger rocks at you?

(I’m sure I have a few around here somewhere.)



Dear Characters I’m Just Getting to Know Again,

Well, at least now I know why I never let you kiss before.

It’s because once you start, you just don’t want to stop. You sure you don’t want to get a room?

(Oh, right, you did. It’s just that I can see through walls. Umm, sorry about that.)



Dear Character I’ve Been Assuming Etc.,

No, bigger than that.

(Much bigger.)


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