The linky is growing out of control …

… clearly, everyone needs to stop being so interesting.

Dogs and sleds. No, really, just dogs and sleds (and a few humans). Looking at these pictures makes me happy. (via lnhammer.)

papersky talks about the heroine’s journey over at

Girl Scouts USA polls girls about a wide range of attitudes and values. One of the biggest changes over the past 20 years: increased acceptance of gays and lesbians. (The full report is available here, noted mostly as a reminder to myself to go back and read it.)

A large study showing no gender gap in inherent math ability between boys and girls.

Belated congratulations to Snakefly, winner of this year’s Ugly Bug Competition! Beating out the common cockroach is no small task. (Though given the gap between him and his fellow bugs, I can’t help but wonder if his friends didn’t stuff the ballot box a little.)

Ten factors that influence how much we conform: “Have you noticed that nonconformers are less likely to care what other people think of them? Nonconformity and self-confidence go hand-in-hand.” And, perhaps more importantly, “As soon as there’s someone who disagrees, or even just dithers or can’t decide, conformity is reduced. Some studies have found conformity can be reduced from highs of 97% on a visual judgement task down to only 36% when there is a competent dissenter in the ranks.”

How MLK convinced Nichelle Nichols to stay on Star Trek. (via justinelavaworm.)

shweta-narayan on whitewashed covers, and who to blame, and what authors can and can’t do about it: “And remember, Ursula Le Guin was mostly losing this argument as late as 2004.”

kate_nepveu on how to discuss race and racism without acting like a complete jerk.

Anne Sibley O’Brien on unpacking our white privilege as writers and illustrators of children’s books.

The Chilean earthquake has shifted the earth’s axis and changed the length of our days. As, if I understand right, all earthquakes do.

papersky again, on the virtues of unfinished series.

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