More bookbinding

I continue to play with bookbinding, which is a not-bad way to decompress after turning in the draft of Faerie Winter, in between working on a short story and not catching up on my email. (Umm, sorry about that. If I owe you email, I’ll try to get to it soon.)

After doing a couple of hard-backed single signature case bindings (basically, a batch of folded stitched sheets of paper between hard covers), I tried to multi-signature case binding (several different batches of folded stitched sheets of paper side by side, much like in a “real” hardcover book), had it fall apart messily, went off in despair, came back and did a bunch more single-signature books to get a handle on just what I was doing, and then managed, tonight, a more successful multi-signature book which is drying even as we speak.

The new book is in no shape for pictures yet, though–so here are some pictures of some of the single signature books I worked on instead. I really like the effect of combining book cloth along the spine with paper on the rest of the book. I’m also especially fond of the dragonfly paper.

More here. Bookbinding, I’m learning, is all about a certain sort of patience which doesn’t come naturally. I think that may be what this particular new-thing-I’m-learning has to teach me. (Well, okay, it’s also about the cool tools. Did you know there was such a thing as a book drill? Me neither, but now I want one …)

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