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Maureen Johnson is on deadline. So am I, but she’s more articulate about it. I so needed this video this week.

Friday night I attended the release party for Larry Dane Brimner’s nonfiction book Birmingham Sunday. Here’s Birmingham Sunday’s book trailer. Sometimes I find book trailers a bit melodramatic, but this one earns its drama by the very events it’s covering.

My agent now has a web site: Nancy Gallt Literary Agency.

The Father of a thirteen-year-old is horrified by the content in forthcoming YA. A thirteen-year-old reader offers an eloquent response. Scroll/search down to “emily.” (via madrobins)

ann-leckie on writers and ego defenses: Feeling bad about yourself is really unpleasant. Feeling bad about your writing is also unpleasant, especially if you’re invested in continuing to write and submit. So you find a rationalization, something that turns “I failed” around into “I did everything right, my writing is awesome, it was [something else] that caused that rejection.” Obvious, as I said–except when we’re doing it ourselves. (via coraa and lnhammer.)

aliettedb on On writing cultures from both the inside and the outside.

Is this the end of publishing as we know it? Not so much, says yuki-onna.

Finally, I enjoyed reading the many WhyYARocks tweets this week. Which could be a post of its own, but in case I don’t get to it … drop in for a bit of reading/writing inspiration. (I’ve started it back at page 4, as the newer pages are chatter after the main discussion had ended.)

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