Happy birthday, Bones of Faerie!

Bones of Faerie is out in paperback today!

It’s also Bones of Faerie‘s one-year birthday. A year ago today I got up in the dark to head east, knowing my book was flying out into the world and having no idea what would happen next. I was hopeful. I was a little scared. This wasn’t my first book, so I already knew that nothing really changes on release day.

I was also fighting off a cold, so I was a little fuzzy-headed as I waited in the Phoenix airport, half awake, for my own flight. It wasn’t until a few days later that I looked back and saw how symbolic that setting out into the dark post really felt.

This wasn’t my first book, but it was the book that I’d spent more than a decade wanting (needing) to write; it was the hardest book I’d ever written; it was the book I’d struggled with and learned from and known since before I moved to Tucson–known almost since I began writing professionally–that I one day needed to write.

I didn’t know what would happen next. Maybe it was good that I had that cold, to keep me focused on things rather than stressing about it, at least some of the time. (I manage to stress some anyway, because I do that.)

So a year later, Bones of Faerie is coming out in paperback, which is exciting all by itself, but not half as exciting is the fact that it’s still in print, still getting read and talked about and discovered by new readers.

And I’m finishing Faerie Winter and waiting for Thief Eyes to come out, neither of which was under contract a year ago.

During that past year I’ve watched friends and strangers love Bones of Faerie and hate it, and been grateful for all of them. I’ve been grateful for all the readers and booksellers and librarians who went to the effort of picking up my book and saying to someone else, “Here. You might want to read this.”

It’ll be a low key celebration today, because I’m back in the world of Bones of Faerie, telling another story there, and I have a deadline to meet.

Which if, of course, the best sort of writerly celebration of all. 🙂

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