Some stray notes to the fourth draft

(Looks up.) What, there’s a world out there? (Waves to world, dives back into draft.)


Dear New Character Created Entirely for This Book: You, sir, are a brat. Just saying.

Dear Other New Character Created Entirely for This Book: No, not you. You’re just kind of evil. With a chance of becoming less evil, depending.

Dear ONCCE: What I’m saying is, you’re not the Big Bad. More like a Little Bad. (But don’t worry–I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.)

Dear Big Bad: Was that necessary? I mean, we already get that you’re really Not Very Nice.

Dear BB: Okay, yet again? You are creeping me out.

Dear Line I Rather Like: You don’t have to go (home), but you Can’t Stay Here.

ETA — Dear Character I’m Deeply Fond Of: I understand that I’ve broken you. What I don’t understand yet is in what direction you’ve shattered.


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