Faerie naming contest winner/roundup

So there’s one winner for the faerie naming contestmummo74, thank you for suggesting that Elin’s name might also be a faerie name! I’m using it in Faerie Winter — I have a character there whose original name I’d never liked, and when I came to your entry, I realized that Elin would fit her much better (at least as a short-form of her true name), and her character came into focus more clearly after that. (Even though she’s very different from the real-world Elín I know you borrowed her name from. :-))

Let me know whether you’d like a copy of the Bones of Faerie paperback now, or whether I should send you a copy of Thief Eyes when it comes out in late April. 🙂

The other faerie character who stayed on stage through the whole contest (a few others wound up slipping out of the story as I wrote) somehow managed not to quite fit any of the names the contest turned up (not even “Bob”), which shows you just how difficult she is, though she has since consented to a name of my own invention.

Thank you all for taking part in the contest. Forty-nine of you submitted 356 (!) faerie names to help me brainstorm names for this book, and I had so much fun reading your entries … seeing what sort of names different people think of as faerie names, seeing what the names did and didn’t have in common, and generally thinking about just what sorts of names the fey folk have, both in my stories and in other stories. Over and over again I found myself saying, hey, that’s a really cool name, even though it doesn’t quite fit my characters or their world. Often I really regretted the names that didn’t fit, because I liked them enough I wished I could use them.

Shout outs in particular to anywherebeyond‘s Ilainn (which came closest to fitting my difficult character, except that in the end it was too close to Elin), and jesshartley‘s Tzila (which also didn’t quite fit, but I love the idea of a character whose name means “shadow,” especially since this book is turning out to be about shadows, in part.)

And thanks so much again to everyone who entered: _twilight_, a_is_for_amy, aerhianna, aliseadae, anonymouses 1, 2, and 3, anywherebeyond, archangelbeth, awkward_stew, chloeeepatd, coraa, DennisM (on fb), dethscriptions, emmarose1, gigglievs, harvestar‘s friend Rachel, jemmafey, Jenn and Espe, jennifer_j_s, jesshartley, JudyD (on fb), justanotherrainbowboy2, kelly_swails, kimberlycreates, kythiaranos, lnhammer, longlegs21, lrcutter, magicwand242, marla67, mummo74, niki_dinkins, papersky, rclibrarian, rebflds, rymenhild, sewenchanted, Sherry, slayground, staceysorange, SteveH (on fb), supertailz, tezmillertm, theaprilnichole, thunderemerald, whitmosloski, wyld_dandelyon, and yukinakid.

You all seriously rock. I hope you had as much fun with the contest as I did!

The original entries are (mostly) here. For anyone who’s curious, here’s the full list in alphabetical order:

Adisa, Adrian, Adriel, Adryn, Ahnle, Aiden, Aina/Anya/Aine, Ainsley, Aislinn, Akina, Alan, Alandria, Alsun, Andrel, Angharad, Annon, Anwell, Anwyll, Aravita, Arhan, Arien/Aryant/Ariant, Arin/Arinna, Asenath, Ashelyn, Aunula, Aurelia, Austra, Aysel, Basilia, Beatrise, Berehin/Berehine, Bob, Boksanen, Breese, Bricius, Brogan, Brynd, Calix, Calum, Camellia, Caramon, Carrigan, Carrina, Carys, Caylia, Cedric, Chenoa, Chobii, Cian, Coal, Corynth, Cray, Cyli, Dalcene, Dansemel, Danu/Daniu/Dania/Dona, Danyell, Daoine, Darda, Darren, Datia, Delyth, Dema , Demelza, Dessed, Devedre, Deven, Deverell, Doran/Dorane, Drust, Dybis/Dybs, Dydia, Dylan, Edana, Edric, Einar, Eka, Eldritch, Elin, Ellora, Elpsie, Ember, Emelyn, Enair, Enarte, Endella, Enna, Enona, Enteela, Eolande, Erianna, Erin, Ersa, Esil/Esilla, Esje, Eslie, Evalina, Ewan, Fabel , Faelynne, Feithlinn, Fergiss, Fiella, Finola, Finovar, Freye/Freyje/Freyra, Frodhi, Fynna, Gardenia, Ghita, Gilby, Golenne, Grace-Ann , Greedom, Guylers, Halanen, Haldis, Hanko, Harun, Helena /Yelena, Helle/Helie, Henya , Hiukka, Honoria, Iain, Idelle, Ilainn, Ilana, Illet, Ilysene, Indirr, Iria, Ismet, Jalona, Jaquoth, Jarla, Jaylee, Jayr/Jaer/Jaryn, Jenesp, Jennlynn, Jenpe, Jespe, Jesslyn, Jezebel, Jinx, Jissa, Jocelyn, Johari, Jovana, Kaedrich, Kale, Kane, Kanta , Kassy, Kava, Keagan, Keely, Keena, Kei, Kelda, Kempie, Keo, Kerie, Kern, Kerrid, Kitok, Krylin, Kryon, Kylie, Laagert, Laakita, Lace, Laerna, Larssen, Leif, Leigh, Lenix, Lentera, Leppa, Lhirias, Liam, Liliana, Liyah, Lizbeth/Lizbith/Lizbyth, Lizmi, Lon, Londra, Londrea, Looli, Lorelai, Lorys, Lucia, Lunas, Lyla , Lysander, Maacah, Maerl/Maryl/Maeryl, Magga, Maglinna, Maithe, Maive/Maibe/Maeve, Maks, Mardinna, Marit, Marlon, Marrid, Mathys, Meara, Meeri, Meko, Melorne, Memmaru, Merryn, Michel, Min, Mirain, Mirrin, Mishael, Miya, Moana, Monil, Morcant, Murfae, Mustardseed, Nalann, Naled/Nahled/Nallid , Namid, Naomi, Narjus, Naveten, Nerea, Nevin, Nia, Niabi, Nianna, Nikol, Nimid, Ninna, Nirel, Nisraneth, Nissa, Niyol, Nouel, Odessa, Olai, Olya, Oona, Opal, Orinda, Orion, Owen, Paanean, Perthy, Pesonen, Phelan, Phinka, Prisem , Pye, Qiuay, Qualya , Quinn, Raahe, Raelin, Raelyn, Raina, Raine, Ravanon, Rayla, Raylen, Rhette, Rhian/Riane/Riannen, Rhondi, Rhoswen, Rhys, Rickoe, Rikaven, Rinet, Rionach, Riordan, Risty, Rollery, Roopus, Ryan, Saerno, Samara, Sari, Scout, Sedesel, Serena, Serika, Seyled/Seylid, Shaina, Shallyn, Shanesh, Shani, Shastia, Shya, Sigreed, Sinamie, Siriar, Solandat, Spike, Stilkskinella, Sulani, Sydlyn, Syrris, Tali, Talithia, Talo, Tammel, Tanaise, Tanvir, Taran/Toran, Tarrant, Taysil, Telanna, Teppo, Thima, Thirza, Timtomin, Tobid/Tobrinna, Tormod, Treeon , Trystan, Twiler, Tyrosen, Tyvan/Taiven, Udokamma/Udokama, Ulinne, Umeace, Ur, Vanadis, Vazen, Velia, Tzila, Leto, Vindi, Vinfee , Vivaendadenielle, Waysln, Welyn, Wenna, Widroos, Wisper , Wrynn, Wyfy, Wymbrole, Yisinna, Zalik, Zanoo, Zara, Zarren, Zeeklum, Zen, Zimmer, Zompho

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