What arrived in the mail this week

[Bones of Faerie paperbacks]

Okay, it’s a little hard to tell in the hastily taken cell phone picture (I was impatient and unpacked them instead of taking time to grab the good camera), but that’s the paperback of Bones of Faerie, officially due out January 26.

You also can’t tell from the picture that there’s a very short excerpt from Thief Eyes in the back, but there is. 🙂

In addition to this meaning that I now have a pile of pretty new paperbacks in my closet, it also means that I’m going to end the faerie naming contest — I’ll give it until noon mountain standard time tomorrow, and then I’ll announce the winners. 🙂

It’s been awesome seeing all your entries, and seeing what sorts of names do and don’t feel “fey” to everyone, too. I’ll try to pull together a wrapup/list of all the names entered, too. You all totally rock.

Until noon MST tomorrow, you can still share any last-minute name entries here. (Comment there with entries, not here.)

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