Writing buddies

So various lovely east-coast-ish writers keep doing “let’s check in on our writing and see how it’s going today” posts.

Only, they’re all east of here. And by the time I get to lj, they’re all done.

So, it’s 12 noon Mountain Standard Time. Anyone else want a writing buddy for the next three hours? Check in once an hour, see how many words we can get done?

I’m in 4th draft revision mode, so getting more words done than in earlier drafts (hopefully) but any number of words is good.

Check in at 1:00 (MST) to see how we’re doing? 🙂

1 pm: 500 newly revised words, plus 600 from before I posted. Back at 2!

2 pm: Got slowed down a little by lunch. (Mmm, lunch.) 400 words revised. Back at 3.

3 pm: Another 500, which seems to be about what I can revise in an hour for this draft. Off to read for critique group–thanks for the company, all!

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