Stray notes from the third draft

Dear Secondary Antagonist: Oh, right, that’s what this story is missing. You needed to try to kill the protagonist One More Time. My bad–I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Dear Character Who Got Only a Passing Mention in Book One: Your refusal to remain a minor character in this book is charming, and I’m sorry for not realizing sooner. Sometimes, we writers are slow that way.

Dear Secondary Character Who Was Always Important: I can’t turn you into a bird. I understand that. What I can’t decide is what to turn you into instead.

Dear Story: You just had to slip in that metaphor about the ice storm, didn’t you?

Dear Scene: In the next draft, you will be deeply moving. I promise.

Dear Protagonist: I’m still not sure whether you’ve saved the world or condemned it. In my defense, you’re not sure either, are you?

Dear Random Story Doubts: Funny how you can only speak when I’m not writing. There just might be something to be learned there.

Dear All Characters: Eventually, this story must end. You cannot continue talking to one another forever. Seriously. Don’t make me come down there.

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