Sometimes, you just have to stay up late to get a draft done

Which is by way of saying, I now have a third draft of the book in progress.

What I have as of said third draft is mostly the right story, except for the part where it turns into mostly the wrong ending. Judging by previous books, this means I’m mostly on track for my third drafts. If this book works like the last couple books have (keeping in mind that books can be tricksy things), as I go back in to work on the language and emotional arcing and imagery and layering of the early chapters (because I still have mostly the wrong words), the later chapters should come into clearer focus.

But that’s for next week. This week … I’m going to take a few days off, step back, get some perspective, and do a little bit of thinking work before I go back to move pieces around on the page once more.

And also, I’m going to catch up on sleep. Last night’s sleep especially. 🙂

I always hate to step away from the book at this point, but the book is always better for it, when I do.

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