“What is her name?” (faerie naming contest update)

I’m loving your faerie naming contest entries–you all seriously rock. One female faerie character is (tentatively) named based on your entries. The only male character is (so far) declining to be named at all, and his existence may or may not get edited away. (But male names are still helpful! Maybe he’ll want a name after all if I find the right one.)

But … there’s another female faerie character. And the chapter I just finished has ended with one character asking another, “What is her name?”

I still don’t know the answer to that question, so there’s still time to help out!

I can’t say too much about this character (about any of the new characters) without spoilers. But this is someone with power, and it’s also someone who’s kept her name hidden — not by chance — until now. The person who’s been asked her name won’t reveal it lightly, if she does so at all. (I’ll be thinking on her answer to that question tonight!)

I’ll be going through all your entries again, and doing some brainstorming of my own. So if you have further thoughts, now’s a great time to share them here.

Thanks for joining in and playing along. I’m having fun, and I hope you are, too!

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