Phantom Rider trilogy/Tu Publishing auction

I’ve donated copies of my first three children’s books — the Phantom Rider trilogy that includes Ghost Horse, The Haunted Trail, and Ghost Vision — to the kickstart_tu auction.

The Phantom Rider trilogy is out of print and so harder to find than my more recent books. These are the books I learned to write novels from, and they’re also books where I shamelessly indulge a love of horse and of the Arizona desert.

The copies are a bit yellowed and have some wear (as any 12-year-old book club paperbacks would), but the words are all still there, and of course I’ll sign and personalize them.

Go here to bid on the books.

Or check out the other items up for grabs in the Kickstart Tu auction.

Either way, you’ll be supporting a multicultural children’s/YA SF and fantasy, and helping to bring some excellent books to kid and teen readers. (Not to mention us adults who still read middle grade and YA and stand to selfishly gain from this as well. :-))

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