On negative reviews

Dear Author has been deemed not eligible to re-up her membership on account of her negative reviews of romance novels:

… RWA’s actions will not change my conviction that true advocacy requires a conversation among many different — often contrary and conflicting — views. I will never believe that bad books are a necessity about which we must remain quiet, nor will I relinquish my critical views of a genre I love and an industry in which I have taken an active interest.

Yes, yes, and yes.

Readers deserve an environment in which they can talk honestly and with spirit about the books they read, no matter what their take on them. Writers deserve it, too–and need to make their peace with it, regardless.

I’ve had a rant on my hard drive about the importance of allowing negative reviews for a while now that it may be time to post. It’s really about a slightly different matter than this is–because as a writer’s organization RWA is looking out for the rights of writers, whether I agree with how they choose to do so (as in their strong stand about Harlequin Horizons) or not (as in this case)–and I think when it comes to negative reviews, it’s about the rights of not of writers, but of readers, ultimately.

(Heads off to look through files.)

(Link via jonquil and lnhammer.)

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