Linky overflow

Lots of thinky posts piling up here lately.

Over on SF Novelists writers are discussing gender roles in fiction:

– Marie Brennan on why a woman’s place is not in the refrigerator. (Or anyplace else she might die tragically and without agency for no reason other than to spur a man to action.)

– Kate Elliott questions why women are so often only allowed to be strong in fiction when protecting their young. (It’s not a bad trope, but need it be the only trope?)

– David Coe asks why male strength so often has to manifest in violence.

nancyboflood and debbyedwardson have a series on thru_the_booth on writing Native American characters:

Get the Indians Out of the Cupboard

Indians In The Cupboard? What Were You Thinking? Let Them Out!

Warriors Caught in the Crossfire

Now What?

American Indian and Alaskan Native Children’s Literature – Whose Story?

Wrapping up Loose Ends

Other odds and ends:

– Karen Healey on YA SFF and the transformations of adolescence.

– Pam Bachorz on why she doesn’t plan to quit writing.

– Mette Harrison on why her books are her children.

– Jim Hines on why his books are not his children.

How to tell someone they sound racist

And one link that is not at all thinky:

Tauntaun sleeping bags!

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