Delayed-gratification contest

Want to help me name some characters?

Specifically, some faerie characters for the Bones of Faerie sequel. I’m not quite satisfied with any of the names I’ve come up with son far, and am thinking some outside input might help jar the right names loose.

And I realized I could turn this into a contest. 🙂

Here are the rules:

1. In my world, two faerie names are known so far: Kaylen (male) and Karinna (female). I’m looking for names that feel like they’re in keeping with these names and the world they come from (that would be Faerie), but of course that covers a wide range (After all, Jane and Savannah are both human names, right?)

2. Enter by posting suggestions as comments to this post. You can suggest as many or as few names as you want, as often as you want. They can be both male and female names — I’ll need at least one or two of each.

3. And here’s where the delayed gratification comes in: I might not settle on final names until the book is nearly ready to be turned in. (Heck, I might not settle on final characters until then.) So I’ll announce any winners in late January/early February.

4. Late January happens to be when the paperback edition of Bones of Faerie will be released. If I use one or more of your names, I’ll either send you a signed copy of the paperback edition of Bones or — if you’re willing to delay gratification a little longer — a signed hardcover of Thief Eyes when I get my author copies, probably in mid-to-late April.

5. For duplicate entries, I’ll go with whoever posts first. There’s no set number of winners (it could be three … it could be none), but if I don’t use any of the names posted here, I’ll draw a random winner instead.

6. Open until late January — but names posted earlier have a greater chance of being used than later ones.

And that’s it! Have fun–and many thanks to everyone who’s willing to jump in and help out!

(ETA: You need not be on livejournal to take part — signed anonymous comments are welcome as well. :-))

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