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I’m enjoying all your birthday links, working my way through the and commenting as I do — they’re like small wrapped presents, waiting for me to click on them. Thank you!

Several links from other places that are delighting me this week:

asakiyume is telling a lovely story about two girls — one who lives in the sea, one who is imprisoned beside a volcano — and about their countries and their worlds, in the form of the Elf Policy, and stakebait responds with some thoughts on Elf Insurance. (I can’t help thinking that if Tara read this stuff — and perhaps also papersky‘s Off With the FairiesBones of Faerie might have been very different.)

slwhitman, a freelance editor formerly at Mirrorstone Books, is launching Tu Publishing, which will publish fantasy for children and teens with an emphasis on multicultural characters and settings. She’s currently raising startup funds through Kickstarter. There’s been a lot of talk lately about just how white both YA and SF are–this is a great chance to help do something about it.

There’s now a historical thesaurus to the OED! Writers, you may drool now. (Via swan_tower.)

The results of the Survey of American Jewish Language and Identity have been compiled into a Jewish English Lexicon. Lots of words here dimly remembered from my childhood, along with a scattering of others I’d never really thought of as Jewish. Includes who tends to know each word or phrase.

Some Matzo Ball soup recipes from coraa, noted here so I can remember to go back to them–and to post my own. (It took me years to realize matzo ball soup was Jewish. Didn’t everyone include it as part of Thanksgiving dinner? Didn’t figure it out until an Italian high school friend described her Thanksgiving, which sounded really different from mine.)

A tapestry woven entirely from spider silk. That color really does come from the silk, and isn’t dyed. Also, I love how the spiders were milked for their silk and then released back into the wild each day. (Via lnhammer, among others.)

One link I’m feeling thoughtful about:

Justine Musk on the simply because she and her partner shared the same gender, in spite of having all the relevant medical and legal paperwork in place. This is why marriage needs to be legal for all. And why all the other nonsense trying to get in the way of that is reprehensible, and has to stop.

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